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Published on February 19th, 2010

Comodo Time Machine quickly and easily restores your computer to its last known working state in the event of a system crash, malware attack, or other problem that impairs its operation.

Its sort of like an un-do button for your whole computer.

Once installed, you simply take a snapshot of your system to have Time Machine create a complete record of your entire system, including the registry, critical operating system files, and your personal documents.

Should something happen that impairs your system, Time machine can instantly and comprehensively roll back, or restore your system to its last known working state.

With Time Machine it’s easy to take a snapshot at any time, for example, prior to a major operating system patch installation, as well as automatically, on a regularly scheduled basis.

Whether youre a regular home or office PC user looking for greater peace of mind, or a software developer looking for a major testing efficiency boost, you will find Comodo Time Machine to be an easy to use, powerful system rollback utility

Comodo Time Machine features an intuitive, friendly interface which offers quick and easy access to all functionality in the application. Additionally, it also features a sub-console that can be accessed before Windows starts and a Quick Operation console containing shortcuts to important and commonly executed tasks.

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