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Published on May 8th, 2009

Comodo extended validation or EV SSL is the trust and security feature for your site that can improve conversion , reduce abandonment and increase revenue.

According to a recent study of us internet users, seventy one percent  exclusively shop at sites they know and trust, nearly seventy percent  have terminated an online order due to lack of trust, and fully twenty percent will not buy online.

Visitors to a site with an ev ssl certificate see their browser address bar turn green whenever they are on a secure or https page – typically among the most critical during a session.  When they’re weighing whether or not to go forward with a transaction, this striking visual indicator, accompanied by information certifying their business name, location and the certification authority that validated it is presented, providing needed reassurance to continue.

EV SSL certificates are the best choice for any website where the degree of trustworthiness in the authenticity of the site is likely to be a consumer concern – and that’s not limited to e-merchant sites.

Sites requiring user registration, sites with logon boxes, particularly for financial services…..Any site accepting credit cards, or collecting any customer confidential information should consider  ev ssl certificates.

A comodo ev certificate shows your site visitors that you adhere to the highest standards of online trust and security,  and include a comodo trustmark to help establish consumer trust throughout your site.

More trust equals more revenue. Harness the power of online trust with a comodo EV SSL certificate today.

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January 2, 2010

1:57 am

I am already a rock solid COMODO user.

Thanks! I may join up as an affiliate.

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