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Published on June 22nd, 2011

Introducing GeekBuddy. The 24/7/365 online PC experts who are always ready to solve any of the hundreds of frustrating PC problems we all wish we had a geek to help us with. Just click your GeekBuddy desktop icon and chat with a geek. When you’ve got GeekBuddy, it’s that simple.

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djumadi santoso

May 27, 2013

5:03 pm

Comodo is the best antivirus system…


February 23, 2012

4:53 pm

Love you comodo


November 29, 2011

3:26 pm

how is that. trust !!!!!


June 22, 2011

3:16 pm

Great initiative! You guys must be super busy! Sure beats hauling your heavy computer to the PC repair shop and paying a lot. Try hauling your PC to the repair shop if you are an elderly person. What about MAC users?

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