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Published on May 17th, 2017

Cyber threats are evolving at an exponential rate and are becoming more difficult to control. Wide-ranging security vulnerabilities, faster and more sophisticated cyber attacks are all making it extremely difficult for security experts to prevent those threats.


Nowadays, savvy hackers are using advanced tools to hack networks, faster than most businesses can defend against them. Hackers hijack organizations and use their own corporate networks against them. This is where Comodo AEP comes into play, it can prevent zero-day attacks by using containment technology.


Comodo AEP has stopped more than 85 million endpoints from being infected. It has contained over 32 million unknown files and detected over 3.5 million pieces of malware in those unknown files.


Comodo AEP is the only solution that protects you against unknown files. No Comodo AEP customers were infected by ransomware, EVER!

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