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Published on August 5th, 2009

Tim Danielewicz, owner and operator of the highly successful online hobby shop RC and Me Hobbies shares his experience and advice about running a successful e-merchant business, including improving conversion rates by increasing customer trust. Find out how he builds customer trust using Extended Validation or EV SSL. EV SSL (Extended Validation) Certificates are the highest assurance certificate available and come with a unique visual trust indicator, the green HTTPS address bar that increases visitor confidence at the time of purchase. This technology is exclusive to EV SSL and indicates that the site is verified and secure. For more information on EV SSL please visit: https://ssl.comodo.com/ev-ssl-certificates.php

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November 29, 2009

4:39 am

This is cool of you guys @ Comodo to do this I have been asking my family to take the time to watch a few of these a day. I think it would really help. And from someone who helps keep even the family cpu running…Thanks a million.

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