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Published on May 8th, 2009

Internet security insider/technology visionary Melih Abdulhayoglu exposes the severe limitations of conventional PC anti-virus security software and explains how true malware protection can only be achieved with three layers: Prevention, Detection, Cure.

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samer cloud

June 24, 2012

12:59 am

Among dozens of security programs
Comodo was created for me
I do not know whether this was the opinion of others
With my thanks to Mr. Melih
And thanks to the ladies and gentlemen, members of the company



May 8, 2010

9:02 am

I think what he means by way of the ‘3-Layer’ effect, like the home with a door (prevention), security alarm (detection) and insurance (cure) its simply firewall as prevention, AV as detection and backup as cure. Its a very simple concept and as always it is a fast paced race with the ‘bad guys’ to keep ourselves safe and stress free (relatively anyway).
It used to be that malware and the like were sneak thieves, creeping into your house like a cat burglar, poking about and taking items of interest and then either leaving as quietly as they came or hiding there in your home to see what else you might leave lying about for them to uplift. Now they are more like disguised ram-raiders; brute forcing their way in by looking like someone we know and trust (prevention nil, detection nil) and totally making a mess of things, tearing place apart and more often than not disabling our security alarms on the way and leaving as bold as brass out of the open front door leaving in their wake a mess that makes you feel like a hurricane hit your house.
We need to rethink our door to start with. Instead of having a ‘bouncer’ at your door that is only hauling aside those that look suspicious, have it ONLY LET IN THOSE THAT WE TRUST. Turn your thinking around.
I run Comodo Firewall and I have it set to Paranoid Mode, yes it can be annoying, BUT its worth the hassle.
Limit what comes in to only that which is TRUSTED.
Also, unlike a lot of firewalls, Comodo also checks who’s leaving your home. Just cause they looked familiar when they entered, they may have smuggled something else in with them that’s going to try and get nasty with you and the Comodo bouncer will stop it in its tracks if you have the right settings.
Nothing (to a degree – like Melih says, because nothing is 100%) gets into or out of my ‘home’ that I am AWARE of.
This is the first step and in my opinion, it is the MOST IMPORTANT.

If I am incorrect anywhere in what I have written here I welcome correction: Security is more important than ego =)

Rick Graham

April 25, 2010

6:13 pm

Thanks. i enjoyed your ideas explained simply. Of course, I would like to hear you ideas on managing the three layers.

Bob Bowen

April 13, 2010

2:33 pm

No doubt about it, COMODO gives us use of the best freeware firewall and I am grateful for that as a 72 year old pensioner. Absolutely. At one time a I had 6 anti-malware (as opposed to AV, of which only one can be used at the same time, or so I read everywhere)appliances, and still have a multi-layer of four.
Thanks, I enjoyed you program and agree totally with it. Bob

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