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Published on May 8th, 2009

In the second edition of ComodoVision: Consumer, dedicated to bringing PC users the latest on web security, host Kim Leone and Comodo CEO Melih Abdulhayoglu discuss the recent spate of malware attacks originating on Facebook, the famed social networking site. Hackers have seized on Facebook due to its status as one of the most popular websites in the world, hoping to inflict maximum damage. Next, Kim introduces viewers to a new (and free) Comodo product designed to clean up all the corrupt registry entries, duplicate files, unused icons, and other useless junk clogging up and slowing down your PC. It’s Comodo System Cleaner: a combined registry cleaner, disk cleaner, privacy cleaner, and Windows tweaker. Comodo System Cleaner can be used in the regular maintenance of a new PC to ensure it remains in top shape, or to rescue an older, slower PC from being practically useless. Finally, Kim answers several questions sent in by viewers, and discusses Comodo Internet Security’s unique Default Deny Protection.

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October 2, 2009

5:58 pm

Folosesc si eu Comodo Internet Security , este foarte bun . Multumesc celor care sunt in spatele acestui program 🙂

Google Translation from Romanian:
I use Comodo Internet Security and it is very good. Thanks to those who are behind the program 🙂

Conti antonio

July 1, 2009

5:34 am

Un ottimo prodotto.

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