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Published on July 24th, 2009

Watch this video to see why pretty much every PC user should be backing their digital valuables up online with Comodo Online Backup. Whether due to file deletion, system corruption, or even the loss, destruction, or theft of a laptop, valuables such as music, photos, videos and documents can be lost in a second, for a lifetime. Comodo Online Backup makes your data accessible from any PC, anywhere in the world, anytime you need it. Not convinced? Check out the video, then head to our website for all the details.

Comodo Online Backup protects you against the loss of time, money and treasured personal items should your PC become lost, stolen or damaged.

With more and more of our lives and careers being stored on computers the risk of losing something valuable or irreplaceable increases with each passing day.    What’s on your PC?    Your family photographs, your music and video collection, downloaded applications, important business documents, email archives….Things you don’t want to lose, but could be lost in an instant.

Yet, many of us don’t regularly or ever back up the data on our PCs.

Backing up to discs is better than doing nothing, but it takes a long time and uses a lot of discs that you have to keep track of.   Using an external hard drive connected to your main computer makes it vulnerable to hackers, power surges, theft or fire.

Regardless of if or how you’ve been backing up, Comodo Online Backup is the best solution.    Just tell the software what you want to back up and pick a backup schedule and our system does the rest, quickly and securely.

Your personal documents and files will be housed on secure servers. The data is encrypted before it even leaves your computer, protecting it from hackers.  Plus, all of your backed up data will be available from any Internet-connected computer in the world. Stringent password protection ensures that your data will only be read by YOU.    After your initial backup, Comodo Online Backup identifies and backs up only the files that have been added or changed since the last backup.  You can restore any or all of your backed up data to any Internet connected computer quickly and easily.

Finally, as a leader in Internet Security you can trust that Comodo secure Online Backup is putting your digital valuables in the safest of hands.

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February 1, 2012

3:13 pm

A simple and ineltilegnt point, well made. Thanks!

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