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Published on July 23rd, 2009

Comodo TrustConnect protects your Wi-Fi connection from anyone who may be interested in spying on your PC’s web activities. As our video shows, it’s not hard for a hacker to jack into your wireless signal and obtain information that you would definitely prefer to keep private. TrustConnect works on all wireless networks: at the library, at the coffee shop, in hotels…even on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Use it to hide your IP address, and make sure your web-surfing stays protected. Watch our video explaining it all, then get the TrustConnect details here.

Comodo Trust Connect provides protection against security and privacy threats to Wi-Fi users, particularly in public locations.   The service encrypts all of the information transmitted over your Wi-Fi connection to the Internet, making it useless to electronic eavesdroppers.

TrustConnect works with a wide range of mobile devices, including Windows and Mac PC’s, as well as iPhones.

Wi-Fi’s increasing popularity has attracted a criminal element.    According to the FBI, Hackers often set up legitimate-looking Wi-Fi networks in high-traffic areas seemingly perfect for a hot-spot.   Their strong signals invite nearby computers to connect to it, and once connected, those computers are highly vulnerable to data theft and malware infection.   In other cases hackers can take over the Wi-Fi network of a legitimate business such as a hotel or coffee shop to achieve the same results.

There’s really no way to know if the Wi-Fi site you are connecting to has been compromised by hackers.

To protect yourself, sign up for TrustConnect today and use the service wherever you’re using Wi-Fi.

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