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Published on October 21st, 2009

Comodo Trustmarks deliver real-time identity assurance to site visitors, helping to establish trust and confidence between merchants and customers.

Building a trust relationship with your visitors has never been easier. With the help of Comodo Trustmarks and a simple mouse over, you can give your customers instant assurance that your site has been authenticated by a trusted third-party.
They will have the opportunity to verify your organization’s identity and feel comfortable transacting on your website.
The most unique feature about Comodo Trustmarks is that they adopt patent-pending technology which keeps them within the visual path during the visitors’ entire interaction on your site, never letting them question the legitimacy of your site.     Comodo Trustmarks are included with Comodo SSL and/or Comodo Scanning and Compliance Services.  Depending on which Comodo Trustmark you choose, the Comodo Trustmark will also indicate the fact that your site is SSL secured, has been scanned for vulnerabilities (including PCI compliance scanning) or both.

You can help establish trust and credibility with your visitors,  improving your conversion and abandonment rates by employing  Comodo trustmarks to your website.   To obtain a Comodo Trustmark for your site, click here.

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