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Published on July 27th, 2009

Enjoy those delightful PC vs Mac commercials?  Yeah, so do we, though we find them a bit one-sided, so in the interest of fair play we made our own version, featuring a totally normal PC guy, a substantially self-absorbed and convulsing Mac girl, and a surprise romantic encounter at the end!   Find out how the PC guy got his mojo back at www.comodo.com

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September 28, 2011

1:04 pm

In the beginning of the movie I cried,but to its end quite amused !))))

Valentin N

December 7, 2010

7:39 pm

There will be a CIS for mac next year. If you want more info why don’t you join comodo’s forum! And don’t forget that CIS will be better and strong with your help



December 7, 2010

8:30 am

What about CIS for mobile phone users

George Noodles

September 19, 2010

9:42 am

The very first Virus spread that I remember was on mac 128 in 1984.
A Canadian Mac Magazine (forgot the name but I think it was only the second Mac Magazine to be available ) gave out a free program on a disk with one issue that contained hidden code that would activate at a future date without the owner knowing til it happened.
Come Christmas that year, everyone’s mac had a Christmas message pop up as a commercial for the magazine.
Mac users were horrified to know that this virus had been on their systems for a couple of months.
So from my twisted point of view, I can knowingly state the Macintosh Computers had a virus way back the same year the first one was sold.

Oh and for bragging rights about Mac , I had one of the first 500 macs made.
Embossed on the inside of the case it had the signatures of all the people who made it, including Jobs and Wozniac. I traded it in a year or so later for a 1meg mac.
A year after that I got into IBM clones and have never used a mac since.


March 22, 2010

7:56 am

jajajaja,nice video,tell to David Risley from pcmechanic who loves mac’s


March 22, 2010

2:25 am

thank you


March 21, 2010

7:45 pm

This pordouct is very atractiv… sinqerly Max-Niko


March 21, 2010

5:29 pm

Awesome, but it’s sort of on the MS + Comodo side but it was expected. At least it destroys the annoying comerical that always shows macs dissing the PC and never showing why you should buy a mac. And when they do show, it’s usually a pointless feature. Eg. No viruses? = no one uses them, No crash = simple kernal, nothing about custom specs? = no customization meaning, they’re all the same. and so on. Other than that, what happened to CIS for macs? Otherwise, awesome vid, I love it when Comodo does something like this.


March 21, 2010

1:56 pm

Very funny…and “practical” ! 🙂


March 21, 2010

2:33 am

Finally a commercial to bash Mac. Intsead of the Mac commercials bashing Microsoft. It is understandable for Vista created a lot of unhappy users.
Microsoft shot them selves in the Foot realeasing Vista, But a roll back
to XP or right to Windows 7 redeams my Faith. We have both at work, but
no one uses the Mac’s anymore. A Mac is just a small step up from a Sega
palm or a Nintendo.

Peter H.

March 21, 2010

12:56 am

Finally: someone points out the truth. My Mac friends totally deny they need to know anything about how their machines work. ‘Course, they just buy a new one when the old one doesn’t perform so well. But, I’m able to fix my own pc ’cause I know how to check it out and download the solution. No “experts” for me. Oh well! I guess Macs do look nice, even when they’re off.


March 21, 2010

12:37 am

When I was a field repair tech for an East Coast university we had a saying about Macs when we had to repair them. “The power of punitive pricing.” That was 20 years ago. Seems like nothing has changed.


March 20, 2010

10:02 pm

Great ad, put it on TV. I would suggest shorter and more funny.


March 20, 2010

9:51 pm

Mac this best of the best OS in world! A stable, modern, safe and stylish!
Im Mac fan!!!


March 20, 2010

9:03 pm

That was incredibly painful to watch, and slightly inaccurate – there are still no viruses on the Mac. The smug genius was spot on though, Apple Store employees are worthless.


March 20, 2010

8:51 pm

What about CIS for Linux users? 😀

aimee holt

February 6, 2010

5:10 pm

funny stuff


July 28, 2009

4:49 pm

Excellent one. highly subliminal -> gets the message across to varied section of Computer users…no techie fundas…pure bindaas !! 🙂

Oleg Tsygany

July 28, 2009

1:43 pm

Oh, poor Mac… What about CIS for Mac users? 🙂

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